We hope you’re finding our website interesting.  We’ve only been open since 2012 and are constantly expanding our facilities and services so be sure to check us out again to see what’s changed.


We’re a family run campsite but what does that mean?  There are three generations of us on site and we all get involved.  John and I own and run the site with the help of my mum Vera and the “assistance” of our little two boys Theo and Ben!  At the weekend you might spot Nancy, she’s John’s mum and comes to do lots of jobs and deliver the animal feed.  If you’re really lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of Amy, John’s daughter who comes to visit when work and social life allow!


Why Little Owls?  We have so many wild visitors to our small holding including Roe deer and many species of birds including the delightful Little Owl.  They nest above one of our barns and during summer evenings can be seen busily bobbing across the field or perching on a fence post.


Alongside the campsite we also have a few animals of our own to take care of.  They are very much a part of our family too.


Joey and Carman


Our pair of Huacaya alpacas have been with us since 2009, just after we moved here.  They are very inquisitive and like to come and check out what’s going on but don’t like being hugged very much so will keep a careful distance!   They’re herd animals and like the open aspect so that they can keep potential predators in their sights.  Carman is an original import from Chile while Joey was born and bred in Devon.  Unlike their llama cousins, they won’t spit at humans but look out if they have a row with each other!


Barbara and Margot


If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember The Good Life ladies!  Our Gloucester Old Spots are definitely ladies who lunch…and then sleep.  That’s about it, they eat, they sleep, they eat…



Elsewhere you’ll spot chickens, ducks, Gizmo the cat and Sirius the dog wandering around.  We seem to acquire animals here so who knows what else you’ll spot during your stay!